About Us

Hello, my name is Alexis Ward Owner of Puddle Jumpers Play Center.


I’m a Mommy of three beautiful children with an amazing husband who has always supported me in all my dreams, and what a big dream this was for me.


I have always loved spending time with children, I can remember babysitting at the age of 12 and thinking how I couldn’t wait to be a Mommy one day. When I Graduated, I immediately knew I wanted to work with children. I Started my journey by getting my CDA in Early Childhood Education and was quickly hired at my local church as the lead teacher for the one year-olds.

I absolutely loved it!! One is a great age, sensory plays such a big role in that age group, which, leads to great fun!! After some years I moved onto teaching my own class of Pre-K kiddos and continued my education, and within a year of that I was on the fast track to becoming a Mommy lol


When I finally became a mommy, I realized that there was a need for Parents to have a place they could not only take their children to play, but WANT to engage in imaginative role-play with them. In 2009 I was happily in Mommy bliss but always looking for a fun, safe, and air conditioned place to go, unfortunately I just could not find anything in my town.


I would constantly say to my husband how awesome would it be if our city had this type of place. I prayed that I would be given the opportunity to provide such a place, but we were given another miracle instead. In 2010 we welcomed our Daughter! The dream of owning a Play Center was put on hold. 


I continued day to day being a Mommy and Wife. However, I never dropped the dream fully.

Fast forward to 2016 and we welcomed our third miracle.


I couldn't stop thinking all through-out my mom-dum days that I wanted to open that Play zone!!!

After all, children’s minds unlock the most amazing worlds and in the hustle of my daily life I forgot how simple it was to just sit down and let my imagination play along with theirs. 


Have you ever just sat back and watched as your little ones created a world all their own and wished you could some how engage with them fully and not interrupted? I sure did.


I discovered something on a day that I wasn't rushing around, I remembered that children love to create, create, create. They love to mimic their surrounding and copy their parents, I remembered that when I was teaching my little's they use to love to create 'towns' all their own. 


I really believe that if I can bring even a small amount of imagination to life in a safe and fun place, maybe then they would let us into their secret worlds of play, and we could be apart of such a wonderful piece of childhood that seemed to be lost in translation as we grew and joined adulthood.


After countless mommy talks at the local parks and fast food play zones etc.. I learned that there was an entire community of parents that were struggling to find a way to connect with their young children in this way, something beyond just the day to day care and floor time we mommies are so use to. I took action and started drawing all my ideas for Puddle Jumpers Indoor Play, and now with that said.....


Our Play Center is Completely focused on Imaginative Play, Come submerse your mind in all things Fun, No Adulting Allowed! ;-)


We encourage Mom, Dad, and sibling to get down on the floor and play, play, play, for this reason our Little Town Play Houses are 7 feet tall with plenty of room for parent to enter.


We also understand the need for a little break, so we will have comfy resting areas and free wifi. There is bottled Drinks and Snacks for purchase. No Food or Drink allowed past our gated areas.


Should you need a pick me up from all that imagination and role playing we offer free coffee/tea bar for paying to play customers.


We will also offer weekly events for you and your little ones so please check out our "Weekly Events" page.


We do understand that our older kiddos while still able to use that imaginative play( we encourage them to engage in this type of play with their younger siblings) are more interested in tech.

For this, we do offer Nintendo switch rental at a small fee.


We are looking forward to serving as many of our Community Families as we possibly can.


However, due to limited Space in our Play Facility we are asking that if you would like a guaranteed spot to play, you call us to reserve a slot of play. Walk-ins are always welcome but not guaranteed.


I am so proud to Finally be able to offer a safe and fun place to my community and look forward to being here for years to come!